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Welcome to S&K Post - Online Ordering

How does it work?


One Low Price (Install & Remove)!

Generally installed within 48 hrs. of placing order!
   (Off on Sunday)

24/7 Safe and Secure Online Ordering!

FREE Sign Storage!

FREE Inventory Management!

FREE Sign Maintenance!

Freshly painted 4" x 4" pressure treated wood posts!

Your choice of White, Yellow, Black, Red, Tan, Gray, and Green!

Step 1 Select the type of Post you're interested in ordering:
Residential or Commercial.


Step 2 Choose desireable options, select color, and be sure to enter the address for the Post or Sign to be installed.


Step 3 Enter your preferred method of payment and submit your safe and secure online order.


Step 4 When the Post or Sign is ready to be removed, contact us with a Removal Request for that location. It's that simple!


We proudly serve Hillsborough and Pasco counties!

Residential Post Ordering and Options
 • Residential Post Installation

   * please be sure to double check that the correct address has been entered before selecting the Add to Cart button *

Select Color:
Post Address & Gate Code:
Company Name:
• Option 1 - Riders (each)
Type of Rider:

• Option 2
- Info Tube

 • Service Charge (re-install, move post, re-attach panel, etc.)

Commercial Sign Ordering and other Order Options
 • Commercial Sign Installation - 4' x 6' (as low as $135.00)


Select Color:
Enter Sign Address:
Company Name:

 • Service Charge (re-install, move post, re-attach panel, etc.)

 • Commercial Removal

 • Removal of signs we did not install - please contact us for specifics!

* If you have any questions, special requests or circumstances regarding an order, please contact us so we can ensure the smoothest possible transaction.
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